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Charles J. Mack Streetman

Charles J. McDonald Streetman, known also as Charley Mc, C.M. Streetman, M.C. Streetman, Charles J. Mc Streetman, and perhaps one or two other variations, was born April 2, 1856 in Butler, Taylor County, Georgia.

His mother was Mary Jane Streetman (born March 16, 1827 and died ??); her parents are William Streetman (born 1792, died November 24, 1832) and Elizabeth Streetman (born ?? and died May 30, 1828). Mary is shown living with Green Joiner (possibly a common-law husband or an invalid that was taken care of by Mary) in Marion County, Georgia when the census was taken in 1850. She has two children: Sarah, (born 1845), and Dorothy/Dolly, (born 1849). Dolly's real name is Dorothy.

By the next census Mary was listed as the head of the house; perhaps Green had passed away by then. Sarah is now listed as Sarah A. E. and Dorothy is listed again. In addition, we see Archellus(, (born 1851), and young Charles J. Mc.

Mary and all the children, with the exception of Charles, disappeared during the Civil War. Sinclair Streetman, an uncle, takes Charles into his home and raises him. Sinclair had three sons: Lemuel Martin, Elbert Franklin and William Tapley.

Charlie Mack married Mary Margaret Elizabeth Cook on May 25, 1878; Mary is the daughter of William T. Cook and Margaret DuPree Cook. W.D. Grace, a local JP, married them.

Their first child, Artis Eugene, or A.U., was born in August of 1880. Artis is seen with his father in the first photo above, taken around 1882 or '83. The following year a daughter was born (Ida), though she died at birth.

On December 28, 1882 Henry Marvin was born (H.M.), followed by Lela Rebecca on April 25, 1886.

The next year saw the family visiting Elbert Franklin Streetman, a cousin, in Florida. They purchased land in Calhoun County before heading back to Georgia late that same year. Returning home, they soon packed all their belongings and moved back to the new home.

Not long after arriving back in Florida a son was born. My great grandfather, Ancil Hewitt, was born on February 14, 1888 in Clarksville. Less than two years later, November 2, 1889, Mary would pass away. The following is her obituary which appeared in the Butler Herald (a newspaper in Taylor County, GA) on December 17, 1889:

In Memoriam
Mrs. Mary E. Streetman, wife of Mr. M. C. Streetman, and daughter of M. E. Cook, was born in Taylor County, Ga., January 1st 1859, and departed this life in Calhoun County, Fla., November 2nd 1889, after about two weeks illness. Her health had been declining for several months. In a short time the spirit took its flight into the glory world to await the coming of her husband and children. She was a member of the Free Will Baptist Church. She was a Christian lady and much loved by all who knew her. She called her little children to her bedside, kissed them all and repeated, "I am going home and want all to go with me." She was sensible of her death, but suffered great pains. Oh! how sad for the mother, husband, four little children and other relatives to have to mourn her loss. Her form was laid to rest near her home; prayer by Mittie Duke at the grave.

Why lament the Christian dying?
Why indulge in tears or gloom?
Calmly on the Lord relying,
He can greet the opening tomb.

After the death of Mary, Charlie Mack married her niece, Clara Parasata Cook, on May 31, 1890. Below is a photo taken of Clara, possibly in the early 1930s.

Over the course of almost 15 years the family saw more children being born, including:

Newton Vinson (December 1892)
Charles Reveir (September 12, 1895)
Gratan Lee (October 2, 1897)
Colie (May 1900; died soon after birth)
Richard Edward (May 16, 1902)
Lizzie Belle (July 23, 1904)

The 1900 Federal Census for Calhoun County, Florida shows the Streetman family living just one house from the John P. Willis family and just a few from the Richard Cook family (the previous page showed the rest of the Willis family, which I will post later). These families and a few others would all migrate to the Grapeland area during the next several years.

Also on this page from the census there is a child that is less than a month old. I have seen his name listed as Colie and Coley, as shown above. However, on this census it appears that his name is Baley. This could be Baby, but after comparing the handwriting of the census taker I'm not too sure. Perhaps this child was named after a friend of the family, after all there appear to be some Baileys in the area.

(Streetman home in Florida; photo taken in 1922 by Charles Reveir Streetman)

Soon after Lizzie Belle was born the family moved yet again, this time to Texas. Clara's brother, Tommie Cook, had visited there in 1904 and returned to Calhoun County telling everyone how great Texas was.

After settling in the Rock Hill/Antrim area outside of Grapeland, Houston County, Texas six more children were born.

Elbert Tapley (June 4, 1907)
Limuel Jackson (April 12, 1909)
Verna Winona(September 26, 1911)
Edwin Wilson (October 31, 1913)
Velna Vivian (September 21, 1915)
Roy Jamison (March 12, 1918)

Here is a photo taken in 1914. Margaret Elizabeth DuPree Cook is sitting on the end, to Clara's right. Aunt Matt, as she was called, was Clara's aunt, and as mentioned already, Mary Margaret's mother. Edwin, who was born approximately six months earlier, is in his mother's arms.

The 1930 Federal Census for Houston County, Texas Precinct 5 shows Charley, age 74, and Clara, age 54, living with Edwin, Velma and Roy. Next door lives Ancil and his family and near them are Marvin and his family.

Charley Mack passed away October 28, 1945. He was buried in Davis Cemetery, which is located outside of Grapeland, Texas. Clara passed away July 15, 1954 and was buried beside him.

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