Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Reunions

Here are several photos I've collected from various sources taken at family reunions over the years. I've been to the 1990 Streetman reunion held at Waco, Texas and one held at Salmon Lake Park in Grapeland, Texas sometime around 1995 (not too sure about the year, though). I don't have any from those events to post but would like to have a few.

The earliest photo I have a copy of is from the 1910 reunion represented mostly by the families that moved from Florida to the Antrim community outside of Grapeland, Texas. These families included Willis, Streetman, Collins, Cook, and Hudnell.

Next is a photo taken May 24, 1914, according to the date written in the background. This is a scan of another scan, so the resolution is not the best. Margaret E. Cook is sitting at the end of the middle row; this is only the second photo I've seen of her, so a better copy would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried to identify each person in the above photo by comparing with other photos and some are based on age.

Starting on the back row with the woman of the far left: Virgie Herod Streetman, Newton Streetman, Lela Streetman Little, Rob Little, Ora May Little, Mary Willis Streetman, R.C. Streetman, Ancil Streetman, Luna Gray Streetman, Marvin Henry Streetman, Ramus Streetman, Martha Chaffin Streetman, Artis Ugene Streetman, Jack Bell Streetman

Middle Row: Charlie Mack Streetman, Clara Cook Streetman, Martha E. Dupree Cook; Verna Winona Streetman is held by Charlie Mac and Edwin Wilson Streetman is held by Clara

Front row: Richard Edward Streetman, Lizzie Belle Streetman, Elbert Tapley Streetman, Limuel Jackson Streetman, Idas Jackson Nichols. This photo was taken a couple months prior to WWI, so Charles Revier Streetman could possibly have been in the military. I'm still searching for an induction date at this time.

It seems that the Streetmans got together for a reunion every decade, but I have not seen any photos from the 1920s. The next photos I have are from 1933.

The above photo shows Charlie Mack and Clara with all their kids, including those from Charlie's first marriage, lined up by age from oldest to youngest. Starting at the far left we have Charlie Mac, Clara, Artis, Marvin, Leila, Ancil, Newton, Charles, Graton, Richard, Belle, Elbert, Limuel, Winona, Velna, and Roy.

This photo shows the same people, but a different pose:

Here's one with just the children of Charlie Mac and Clara:

The sons of Charlie Mac, again lined up by age:

Two photos of Clara and her girls (including step-daughter Lela):

This last photo of the 1933 gathering shows the entire group, including other family and friends:

Next we have a group photo from 1944. You'll notice that not everyone from the previous reunion are present. Several of the men were overseas fighting during WWII. I'm sure they would have enjoyed being back home in East Texas, though.

At the far right corner I see my grandfather, Gilbert, standing next to his grandfather, Charlie Mac; next to C.M. is Gilbert's mother, Mary Willis Streetman, and I can barely make out his father, Ancil, near the back center.

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  1. These are wonderful photographs to treasure. Thank you for sharing them with everyone and also for naming as many people as you can. It reaally helps all the descendants to relate with their ancestors.